A Note for Our Loyal Guests

Dear Guests,

Thank you for your messages, comments and Facebook likes, during what has proven to be extremely testing times for everyone.

We would love to welcome you all back on 4th July, however, as your safety and that of our team is paramount, we have taken the very tough decision not to open, until we are completely satisfied that we can offer a totally safe environment for all of our guests and our team, whilst also ensuring job retention for our loyal team. We will be monitoring the government guidelines on a daily basis, and will keep you posted as to when we will be opening.

We would like to ask for your patience, understanding and continued support, as we are a team of people who would love to see you all again.

We were so glad that we were able to provide fresh meat and vegetable hampers to the local community during the past three months, throughout this awful pandemic, and we thank you once again for your continued support. This will be an ongoing service from our usual suppliers for the foreseeable future.

Hope we can all raise a glass very soon…..


The Cross Guns Team